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发布于 2023-08-11
How is the electrophoresis buffer MOPS prepared and used?
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MOPS is one of the commonly used biological buffers in biochemistry and molecular biology experiments, with the appearance of white crystal powder, good water solubility, high purity, CAS No. 1132-61-2, the full name is 3-morpholinepropanesulfonic acid, it is a kind of acidic chemical, the pH value of the aqueous solution at room temperature is 2.5-4. According to the buffer theory, its effective buffer range is between 6.5 and 7.9. Due to its stable chemical properties, practicality and versatility, mops is often used in electrophoresis experiments.

To prepare 10xMOPS electrophoresis buffer, 83.7 g of MOPS, 13.6 g of sodium acetate with a molecular weight of 209.3 g/mol, 136.1 g/mol of MW136.1 trihydrate, and 372.24 g/mol of disodium disodium dihydrate should be prepared in advance. The steps were as follows: first add 800 ml of distilled water and mix until dissolved; adjust the pH to pH 7 with sodium hydroxide, which needs to be prepared in nuclease-free distilled water; and add deionised water to 1000 ml to the final volume, at which point the concentration of this liquid is 10x400mMMOPS (buffered) 100 mm NaAc10 mMEDTA.

Configured MOPS electrophoresis buffer in use should pay attention to a few points: first of all, configured MOPS solution is suitable for preservation at 2-8 degrees, preservation time should not be more than 6 months, you can use the filter membrane sterilization but can not be high-pressure autoclave sterilization; second need to be protected from light preservation, use of inexhaustible solution needs to be immediately sealed to prevent prolonged contact with the air to destroy the acidic and alkaline nature of the solution; finally found that the The solution is clarified into yellowish, can continue to use, will not affect the use of the effect, but too long a period of storage so that the liquid becomes dark yellow or turbid, impurities, can not continue to use.

High-quality MOPS for biochemical experiments have the following characteristics: purity of more than 99%, white crystal powder, good water solubility and so on.

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